Why a pizza is always expensive, and big?

Why does it always take long to get?

Is it possible to eat a pizza

whenever I want to eat personally?

To satisfy your demands,

GOPIZZA was born with fast,

cost-effective personal pizza.



Cooked under 3 Mins



Freshly Cooked



Starts at 99 Rupee

The Era of a Personal Pizza

In the fast-paced metropolis that has it all, GOPIZZA saw Seoul was missing: Pizza on the go.

Starting with a small food truck on the Han River, GOPIZZA has grown to 27 stores, received over $2 million in investments and $500,000 in monthly sales revenue in the span of just a year.

The whirlwind expansion was helped by its patented ‘GOVEN,’ an oven which bakes up to six pizzas to perfection in three minutes.

GOPIZZA tries to provide more bang for the buck than any other pizzas with personal-sized pizzas.

Now, GOPIZZA aims to reach 100 outlets in 2019, including its expansion in India.

6 pizzas in less than 5 minutes,
the patented oven developed by GOPIZZA,


GOVEN is based on its proprietary technology.
It is easy to use like a microwave and provides unrivalled taste by realfire.

Par-baked dough does not require any extra touch.

Par-baked Dough

A dough expert bakes the best par-baked dough everyday by kneading the dough with 3 step fermentation processes. Since GOPIZZA’s par-bakeddough does not require any extra kneading, anyone can produce the top-notch quality pizza without any hassle.

GOPIZZA’s sauce is made by Italian whole tomatoes and

100% natural mozzarella cheese

GOPIZZA’s unrivalled rich flavor comes from Italian pizzeria style sauce, and real mozzarella cheese with its crescent shaped slices